This week, Electronic Arts gave The Sims gamers some update on Project Rene, the upcoming mainline Sims game that was first teased last year. Project Rene’s game director, Grant Rodiek, released an update on the game, confirming that playtests are already in progress and that more are planned for the future to incorporate player feedback into the game’s development. However, Project Rene is still years away, so for now, players just have brief playtests and sporadic releases like this one to look forward to.

The Sims creators gave an update on Project Rene

Around three minutes into the video, Rodiek mentioned Project Rene and provided update on the project. Rodiek confirmed the rumors of playtests, saying that such kinds of testing had already been taking place. He began the talk by reassuring everyone that this project is still years away in order to moderate expectations for a schedule for this game.

Rodiek said, “We are absolutely thrilled to finally put this experience in the hands of some of our players. Well, a small part of the experience. What we’re doing is early days playtesting, and this is just the start of an incredibly long journey. There’s a lot to do, and I’m talking years out, but it is exciting. We’re moving and things are finally starting to happen.” as an update on the Project Rene.

Small portions of the game were given to “a restricted number of people” during these playtests, according to Rodiek, to determine what functions well and what doesn’t. For these initial playtests, that procedure involved letting individuals experiment with the Apartment Customization feature, which lets them arrange and move furniture to make a room their own. Rodiek described the plans the team has in mind for Project Rene’s present and future states. Besides The Sims creators giving an update on Project Rene, we have more articles: