In addition to the next mainstream Witcher installment following The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red has revealed that a remake of the first game as well as spin-offs are in the works. Today, a new job listing has provided us with fresh information regarding one of these spin-offs. We are aware that The Molasses Flood, the studio that created Drake Hollow and The Flame in the Flood and was acquired by CD Projekt Red in 2021, is developing a multiplayer game set in the The Witcher universe. That is all that is formally known. However, there are new, unofficial details that go beyond. First of all, let’s take a look on the new The Witcher game, leaked on Reddit.

The Witcher leak reveals details on the new game

PvE, co-op, social interactions, a class system, different game modes, branching and non-linear storytelling, cinematic dialogue, voiced dialogue, different weapons and enemies, procedural generation, action combat, and a stylized look are mentioned in a number of new job listings from The Molasses Flood. The final sentence seems to confirm that this game would resemble Fortnite. Even more than The Last of Us Part 2, which makes sense given that The Molasses Flood has never produced realistic-looking games.

We still don’t know how all of these different parts will work together regarding the new The Witcher game. But we now have a lot clearer concept of what this game will be like. How ambitious this initiative will be is still the great unknown. It will be a first for The Molasses Flood, which has solely created smaller games up until this point if it proves to be ambitious. Having said that, it appears as though the squad is growing, and a larger team inevitably has greater ambition.

For the time being, consider all of this information to be speculative. Even though everything is taken directly from an official job post, information on job listings might occasionally be wrong because they are often copied and pasted from older, outdated job listings. Additionally, the job posting is clearly for a game in production, and things change frequently in pre-reveal game development. Besides the new The Witcher game, we have more articles on our website: