Before Sony makes an official announcement, the new selection of free PS5 and PS4 games coming to PlayStation Plus in February 2023 has leaked online. If you regularly track the latest PS Plus releases, you may have grown accustomed to expecting the list of upcoming titles to routinely leak beforehand. This has happened once more before the beginning of February, and it has now given us a clearer indication of what to anticipate will arrive on PS Plus in the upcoming weeks.

The new PlayStation Plus February 2023 free games have surfaced online

The games for February 2023 have already been revealed, coming from user “billbil-kun,” who has previously accurately leaked a number of PS Plus lineups. Four games, including OlliOlli World (PS5, PS4), Mafia Definitive Edition (PS4), Evil Dead: The Game (PS5, PS4), and Destiny 2: Beyond Light, are scheduled to be distributed in February (PS5, PS4). It was emphasized that certain titles, such as Mafia Definitive Edition, might not be accessible everywhere and might be replaced by different games.

All things considered, this is a rather strong selection of PS Plus titles for February 2023, largely since so many of them aren’t that old. Both OlliOlli World and Evil Dead were recently released, so their inclusion in PS Plus is really appreciated. Considering that Lightfall, the game’s upcoming major expansion, is also scheduled to launch next month, Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s probable inclusion in PS Plus is equally exciting.

The primary drawback of this new PS Plus game lineup is that it will take a little longer than usual for them to go on sale. On the first Tuesday of every month, Sony makes these new PS Plus free games available. The first Tuesday of the month does not come in February 2023 until the second week, on February 7, though. Since they won’t be available for download for another week and a half, these games will remain available until March 6th when they do.

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