Seems like Ghost of Tsushima movie might be a black and white one. The topic of video game adaptations is quite divisive. They were actually terrible for the longest period, with only a few mediocre ones to make up for it. The feeling has changed recently, though, since Hollywood seems to have discovered the secret. The Last of Us is creating award hype, movies like Sonic the Hedgehog are welcomed with enthusiasm, and more gaming adaptations are getting greenlit with great stars backing them. Ghost of Tsushima, directed by Chad Stahelski and starring John Wick, is one such project. The filmmaker has gained notoriety in recent years for his skillful management of the John Wick series, which demonstrates his ability to combine great action with poignant storyline.

Ghost of Tsushima movie might be black and white

Ghost of Tsushima, on the other hand, is a very particular style of game with a distinctive appearance and intense action. Director Chad Stahelski has stated he is aware of how essential the aesthetics are in the game. He wants to find a way to sustain it in his film. But he also said in an interview with IGN that he isn’t excluding a black and white version. Despite the game being incredibly colorful, there is a “Kurosawa mode”, which makes the game look more like a black and white Akira Kurosawa film. This small detail was adored by the audience, and Stahelski said it “certainly is a dialogue.” Of course, this may just mean they do a black and white version of the picture for the home video release or it could mean specific parts are shown in black and white.

It remains to be seen how the movie will be handled. Since there has been no casting announcement and it is not apparent whether the script has been finalized, it appears that the movie is still some time away from actually being released. It’s unclear what Stahelski has planned for the future because of his involvement in so many big-budget films.

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