So, it seems like Steam now hosts Fallout 4 New Vegas 2 depots. The “newvegas2” depot updates have recently been added to Fallout 4’s SteamDB listing page. According to appearances, Fallout fans are currently in a frenzy. Nonetheless, we advise lowering your hopes. To begin with, New Vegas has no official prequel. You would anticipate a significant marketing effort for such a game, after all. Heck, at least a leak would have developed by now. Therefore, Bethesda and Microsoft won’t suddenly drop it in the shadows.

Depots for Fallout 4 New Vegas 2 have surfaced on Steam

As far as we’re aware, Fallout 4 will shortly receive a next-generation update. So maybe this is DLC for it (like a New Vegas weapon or skin)? Or even an RTX remake? Although unlikely, hey, one can hope. Also, we are aware that Fallout 4: New Vegas is being modified by a team. With the Fallout 4 engine, this mod aims to replicate Fallout: New Vegas. So, did that modding crew reach a settlement with Microsoft and Bethesda? Whatever is going on, it is clear that Fallout: New Vegas 2 is not what is happening. Don’t get your hopes up, then. The reason Bethesda included that depot in Fallout 4 will be intriguing to see, though.

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