The size of the Vice City map in GTA 6 appears to be revealed by a screenshot that has leaked online. The next Grand Theft Auto game’s setting hasn’t been revealed by Rockstar Games. But we do know it’s in Vice City, otherwise known as Miami, and the surrounding region of Florida. And this is all thanks to reports from reliable sources as well as the massive leak from last year. You might remember the occasion, when a very early build of the game leaked online.

A tremendous amount of game-related media, including in-depth looks at extremely raw gameplay, leaked online as a result of the game’s online leak. For a variety of reasons, this video and screenshots from it have recently come to light and circulated. A screenshot of one of the two protagonists with what appears to be downtown Vice City in the distance is the most recent piece of leaked media to surface. The image has also reappeared because, as already mentioned, it shows how big the game’s area appears to be.

If you were this far from the tall buildings in GTA5, you would be outside of the metropolitan area easily. While it looks like you’re still in the city here. The city seems huge.
by u/HiiGuardian in GTA6

Leaked GTA 6 screenshot and map size amaze

The leaked image, which has since surfaced on the GTA 6 Reddit page, depicts one of the game’s two protagonists strolling through what appears to be a section of Vice City given the area’s dense urban setting. Nonetheless, Vice City’s downtown may be seen off in the distance. In GTA 5, you would be easily outside the metropolitan area if you were this far from downtown Los Santos, as the Reddit poster points out. The implication is that Vice City is a massive phenomenon.

This isn’t a scale issue because, as you may know, Los Angeles is a lot bigger than Miami in reality. Clearly, resources and ambition are at stake here. Rockstar Software hasn’t created Los Santos since 2013, despite the fact that it ought to be larger than Vice City. It’s hardly shocking to observe that Vice City appears to be considerably larger given how far technology has come in the past ten years.

Remember that, this GTA 6 screenshot where we estimate the map size, is a leak. So, it should be treated with caution. The authenticity of the leak cannot be questioned. But, it does not represent a finished product. Games always start out grander and more ambitious in the development of video games. Its scope and ambition are typically reduced over time for a variety of factors, including meeting deadlines.

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