It appears that the first gameplay video of Persona 3 Remake has already surfaced online. A few reports and rumors over the past year have stated that developer Atlus is presently working on a remake of the PlayStation 2-era JRPG, Persona 3, which will be much more similar to the latest Persona 5. While Atlus has not yet confirmed that this will happen, a recent leak may have done so.

Persona 3 Remake gameplay video is already viral

As of right now, the first gameplay video from Persona 3 Remake has started to become viral on social media. Also, on other websites. The character Yukari is seen in the video fighting an adversary in a combat animation. You can watch the video via here. Regarding the origin of this video, the leaker who first made it public claimed something. The leaker said that Sega displayed it in an internal meeting back in 2021.

There is a lot of evidence to support the authenticity of this leaked Persona 3 Remake gameplay video. So that’s good news. First off, while some of the more specific UI elements in this animation are shared with those in Persona 5, many of them are brand-new and not included in the most recent Persona game. Furthermore, it is obvious that these character models were created from scratch and go beyond the straightforward changes that would be there in a straightforward remaster. Even though a fan could have built this, the fake would have to be exceptionally well done to pass for the real thing.

Remember to treat what has been revealed here with a very large grain of salt, as is customary with leaks of this kind. Even while the information about this Persona 3 remake has some real validity, similar leaks in the past have turned out to be bogus. In light of this, wait until Atlus confirms that it is redesigning Persona 3 for contemporary platforms before getting too excited.

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