The first Mafia 5 tease appears to have recently been made public in a recent job posting at developer Hangar 13. Mafia 4 hasn’t even been launched yet. But, Hangar 13 announced last year that it was developing the series’ upcoming game. Even though it might appear strange, the fact that this job listing is connected to Mafia 5 makes sense given what is said about the position in the job description.

Mafia 5 might be in the works already

There is a new information found on LinkedIn. So, Hangar 13 is now looking to hire a “top-tier Executive Producer to own the development of a key franchise.” Mafia is by probably the biggest series that Hangar 13 works on. But, the franchise related with this assignment wasn’t indicated explicitly. The final candidate will “play a vital part in the successful delivery of a major new title, including post-launch content and future franchise planning,” according to the job description.

Based on the aforementioned rumors that have occurred in the past, it is primarily assumed that this mystery game will be Mafia 5. It was alleged that 2K was already preparing Mafia 5 and intended to start developing the game concurrently with Mafia 4. This choice was made in order to prevent Mafia 5 from coming out too soon after the following installment in the franchise. What has been described in this job description, assuming that these reports are true, surely seems to allude to Mafia 5.

Even if this position is tied to Mafia 5, it’s important to note that this game won’t be released soon. This project is now in the pre-production stage. Also, this indicates that its release is several years away. As for Mafia 4, 2K hasn’t stated much about the upcoming installment in the series. But we could find out more later this year.

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