Have you ever imagined how a first-person video game adaptation of Elden Ring may have looked? It’s time to find out, then. Elden Ring’s first-person mode is now fully functional thanks to a fantastic new mod by modder ‘Dasaav’. According to the modder, First Person Souls makes gratifying, subtle changes to the fundamental gameplay principles. The end result of those modifications is to provide first person a more smooth and polished experience. By the way, if you want to see how this mod is, we also have a video on this page. With that video, you can see that this mod does and how it changes the game.

Elden Ring first-person mod is here

The modder has also provided the following video to show off this first-person mod in action. You can get an idea of what to expect from it from this video. And as you can see, it does have a really amazing appearance. It goes without saying that we strongly advise downloading it. In the end, this mod will allow you to play this action RPG entirely differently. From this page, you can download first-person Souls.

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