Fortnite is renowned for its ability to keep players engaged by introducing fresh content into the game. According to @HYPEX, a trusted Fortnite leaker, players can look forward to a new vehicle modeled after a surfboard in the upcoming season. However, no details have been released yet regarding its functionality within the game. As with any leaked information, it’s best to take this news with a pinch of salt. Especially, until Epic Games confirms it officially. That being said, @HYPEX has a remarkable track record of leaking accurate information, so it’s highly probable that more details will surface soon.

The new leak revealed the upcoming Fortnite vehicle

Fortnite has a tradition of commemorating the summer season with events that reflect the warm weather. A surfboard vehicle would be a fitting addition to this year’s festivities and would be consistent with past summer celebrations. For instance, 2021 Cosmic Summer event included beach-themed skins, a loading screen inspired by the beach, and an Icy Treat wrap resembling Bomb Pops, among other things. Although it’s too early to predict what Epic Games has planned for this year, it’s conceivable that surfboards would align with the company’s agenda.

One of the strengths that sets Fortnite apart from other live-service games is its ability to keep players engaged by providing a constant stream of new content. This is a challenging feat that many other games struggle to achieve, and it’s why several such titles eventually collapse. Fortnite, on the other hand, excels at it and continues to offer players more reasons to keep returning, both through paid and free updates. Regardless of whether surfboards are part of the equation in the next season, fans can rest assured that Epic Games will provide them with a plethora of enjoyable features.

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