Players can explore a land home to several of Disney’s most recognizable characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game has featured well-known characters including Moana, Scar, and Buzz Lightyear ever since it first became available in early access last September. Fans are not to blame for wondering if Marvel and Star Wars characters would also make an appearance in Disney Dreamlight Valley at some point, given the number of distinctive Disney characters that are interacting. Manea Castet from Gameloft spoke about the likelihood in an interview. Castet did not rule out the possibility, even though he stated that the team’s present concentration is on Pixar and Disney animated characters.

We might see Marvel and Star Wars Characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Castet said, “So Disney is big. There is always a big umbrella with a lot of IPs inside. So we are closing no doors but there is no plan that we want to discuss on such stage about any other than I would say Disney animation and Pixar. We really focus on this kind of character. There are many, many of them. The committee also requests a lot of characters that are not there yet, of course. And we want to focus on that. So nothing to share or add regarding Star Wars or Marvel.”

With the exception of the occasional variant cover, Disney has kept the Marvel and Star Wars universes largely separate from its other brands since acquiring the rights to both franchises. Given that, it would seem odd, although it is possible, that Dreamlight Valley would bring in these people. After all, Mickey Mouse and Scar are examples of characters from distinct realms that Dreamlight Valley has already established. Having said that, it appears that Gameloft has a ton of other characters that will be given priority initially. But if fan demand is great enough, we might eventually see Marvel and Star Wars content in the game. Leaving aside the possibility of Marvel and Star Wars characters being in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, we have a few suggestions.

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