In the game industry, anti-Piracy and anti-Crack protection has been a major source of conflict. Because of the rigorous anti-piracy protection built into their games, Capcom is no new to receiving the most criticism. Additionally, Monster Hunter Rise was regarded as impregnable. However, this is no longer the case, as EMPRESS, a hacker, claims to have successfully cracked Monster Hunter Rise on her subreddit. She needed more than a year to figure out the game. Her expertise in titles like Deathloop, Forza Horizon 5, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has earned her a reputation.

Like the majority of Capcom games, Monster Hunter Rise was safeguarded against piracy by Denuvo. According to one user’s description, it operates by frequently connecting to the “server” to verify whether.exe is legitimate and “intact.” If the.exe is discovered to be tempered, triggers are set off that finally cause the.exe file to close. About two weeks ago, Empress acknowledged that Denuva had become more difficult to penetrate. However, that wasn’t the only difficulty encountered in mastering Monster Hunter Rise. In addition to Denuva, Capcom had added other anti-piracy safeguards, particularly for their DLC.

Empress cracked Monster Hunter Rise

These include VMProtect, which guards against “reverse-engineering,” and DRM (Digital Rights Management), which restricts users from “editing, storing, and distributing” the protected software. The majority of anti-piracy measures promise to stop game piracy for a brief period of time. simply to ensure that the publishers and developers are rewarded for their work. And the vast majority of gamers accept it. But Capcom has a reputation for maintaining those safeguards for a long time.

Due to this and the DLCs for Monster Hunt Rise that were sold for money, Capcom faced a lot of criticism. The total price of the game, including DLCs, soars to $450. the matter for which Empress denounces them. She emailed Capcom and stated, “How dare you charge $450 for 99% worthless DLCs? How dare you even charge to make edits to the main character in the game? It didn’t help to pay denuvo to protect your DLCs, did it?… It also didn’t help that you made DRM of your own on top either, did it?… Next time please don’t waste more of your money, and don’t shame yourselves focus on the actual game instead.”

She warned Capcom

Also addressing Denuvo, she referred to their anti-piracy software as “pathetic” and vowed to do the same with their next “anti-tamper” defense. Other publishers, particularly Warner Bros., were cautioned by her not to include Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology in their games because it was on her target list. She gave fans advice in a message to wait for her cracked releases rather than wasting money on Capcom’s games. She wrote, “I have decided that I am going into an entirely new phase. I am no longer going to mess around with 6 months or 1 year later cracks. From now onward. I am putting most of my projects aside and I am going to work on Major & Most anticipated games that people donate to me directly on release, or soon afterward.” Besides Monster Hunter Rise getting cracked, we have other articles for you.

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