A Downloadable pack for Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Minecraft. Wizards of the Coast today disclosed that a DLC pack for Minecraft with a Dungeons & Dragons theme would be released in the spring of 2023. Players create a D&D character using one of four character classes (Paladin, Barbarian, Wizard, or Rogue), each of which has its own set of stats, and are then sent into the Forgotten Realms, where they must complete a lengthy adventure that takes them to places like Icewind Dale and Candlekeep.

This new DLC introduces a story-themed adventure. The new DLC pack will also include classic D&D enemies like the gelatinous cube, displacer beast, and beholder. The adventure, according to Wizards of the Coast, would last around 10 hours to complete. It would also include a soundtrack made especially for the DLC pack. The Dungeons & Dragons-themed DLC would also include RPG components and occasionally even call for dice rolls.

So, Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Minecraft

Meanwhile, a new Monstrous Compendium release on D&D Beyond, which will include creatures from Minecraft, will give Dungeons & Dragons its own form of crossover. The pack will contain well-known creatures like the Creeper and Ender Dragon as well as special mechanics designed specifically for the monsters. Everyone with a D&D Beyond account can get the Monstrous Compendium for nothing, and it will also be accessible through the Minecraft website.

One of Dungeons & Dragons’ largest brand-to-brand partnerships outside of Hasbro, the Minecraft crossover might help expose a whole new generation of players to the Forgotten Realms. We haven’t seen a direct introduction to the world of D&D quite like this, despite the fact that Stranger Things has undoubtedly contributed to increasing D&D’s public appeal. In the spring of 2023, the D&D Minecraft DLC pack will be available. Before of the DLC’s release, more information should be out.

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