Netflix has gradually increased the number of video games it offers. But at the moment, only mobile device users may access them. But, it appears things may soon change as a recent leak indicates that members may soon be allowed to play games with Netflix Games on PC and TV. Code in the Netflix iOS app, according to iOS developer Scott Moser, reveals a feature that would let users use their iPhone as a controller for games. But since this hasn’t been formally disclosed, Netflix subscribers will have to make do with the current procedure for the time being.

Is Netflix Games really coming to TV and PC?

Less than 1% of Netflix users, according to a research from last year, regularly play the company’s games. There are a number of possible explanations for this, one of which is the likelihood that many users are unaware that they may stream games using the service. A significant portion of players also have little interest in playing mobile games. Expanding the number of devices that support Netflix games might be quite beneficial in both cases. Despite these difficulties, Netflix has continued to develop its gaming strategy by acquiring in-house studios to produce exclusive titles and by providing new games to play.

To find out whether and when this feature might be released, Netflix game enthusiasts will have to wait patiently for the time being. Currently, Netflix Games is more of a fun bonus than a major selling point for the streaming service. But, things might change if more people start playing those games. Companies like Google have had a difficult time promoting video game streaming to players because it is still in its infancy. More people might start using Netflix if it becomes more widely popular, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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